Creative Writing – Video Course by the Novelist Robert Olen Butler

Creative writing

Creative writing

Like any novice writer, I try to gather experience and inspiration from a variety of sources. As they say any craft must be stolen… This is why I want to introduce an innovative video course in creative writing by the American writer and lecturer Robert Olen Butler.
I will not go in depth with his biography, I’ll just say that he was born in ’45 and currently lives in Florida. Author of novels and short stories. At this time his name is almost unknown in Bulgaria, which is most likely due to the fact that his style of writing is a typical “Americana”. However, some time ago I came across a few episodes on YouTube under the name “Inside creative writing” and I was pleased that I had found such material that takes me to the private process of the birth of a literary work .
In short, the video is an experiment. Robert Butler aims to write a short story and show the process live on the internet from the moment of inspiration and theme selection to the last edited word. And if this is not enough he answers to viewers’ questions. The goal is noble, but the way to it I would say – a challenge even for professional writer with years of experience. However, I think the result is a successful practical material that could help many of us – in this emerging field.
The atmosphere that Butler creates in his office is cozy and welcoming. He has experience in lecturing and manages to behave professionally during live broadcast, without falling into excessive talking and remained sharing valuable information.
The experimental process of writing the short story takes about 32 hours, divided into 16 episodes. The material is quite long, but given that the record does not make any breaks and includes time for answering viewers’ questions, the author works pretty fast. He also gives clarifications that do not relate to writing the specific project and relates to his experience in creative writing: his early years, his work schedule; the way that he creates an intimate relationship with his works, the way he dreams, also more practical advises such as grammar, choice of correct phrases and vocabulary, and self-redaction.
I have not yet reached the final episode. I’m in the middle of the course. However, I feel that by the end there will be a literary work in its pure form. Since I do not want to prolong unnecessarily the material I’ll come to an end soon. if you are curious to look at the creative workshop of a writer, spend some of your free time and you will not be disappointed. For those 32 hours inevitably you will need patience and persistence, but so it is with all the gaining experience processes.
In conclusion , I will offer you the book by the same author. “From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction”. I am offering it, and not recommending it because I myself still have not read it, but I intend to. It is available in paperback and eBook.
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